Xmart Web Api is a technology that allows for secure connections between VBA and cloud/intranet data sources. It strengthens Office security and tackles major IT security risks.

Connect VBA to databases without connection strings

Xmart Web Api removes connection strings from VBA solutions and allows for direct data exchange with databases hosted in cloud or local networks.

Syntax is 100% compatible with legacy ADO solutions, so existing apps can be updated easily.

With Xwa your application does not expose any sensitive content at all. Thanks to that you can securely connect Visual Basic for Applications to the cloud.

Generate VBA code from SQL with Object Relation Mapping (ORM)

Using database-first approach, Xmart Web Api can generate data access layer directly from database schema. The opposite is also possible – Xwa can generate databases that reflect workbook objects. Methods for read and write can be ready within seconds, and you will never have to write that redundant code again.

Licensing system and code watchdog

Xwa puts your workbooks behind licensing system. You can restrict access to your apps only for workstations authenticated with license key. Once authenticated, there’s no need for internet access.

Xwa is also a watchdog protecting your VBA code.

That way you are in full control of your software.

Cloud storage and notifications

Xwa can download and upload files and folders. Content can be securely shared between applications in your company or over the web.

Xwa is also capable of sending emails and sms messages to any receivers.

You can easily create a self-updating solution and automate content distribution to end-users.

How does Xwa work?

What’s a connection string and why is it not safe to use in legacy VBA code?

A connection string is a constant that contains access parameters to a database. In most cases, those parameters consists of user name and password.

This is the most sensitive piece of information that should never by exposed. Why? Because when hijacked, malicious user can steal from database or even truncate it.

In classic VBA, developers used to hide connection strings in worksheets or VBA code. Many legacy apps developed in VBA across enterprises are still using this approach.

Nowadays, it is very easy to crack Visual Basic for Applications code and look for connection strings. See cracking in action.

While many enterprises are still running on insecure VBA solutions, Xwa can completely remove the need for connection strings.

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